My rates are flexible and negotiable. I do not give a complex pricing schedule on here, because different clients have different budgets, and I would rather discuss each client’s needs individually, once they contact me.

I prefer to charge on time and expense, i.e., by the hour, but per-page or per-project prices can be negotiated.

I hesitate to quote prices without seeing the project first, because no two assignments are created equal. There is no such thing as a “typical page,” because pages can be dense with type or sparse, clean or with many edits necessary, and so on. Several factors can determine the amount of time needed, and I won’t know these until I get into the job.

However, so you can get a ballpark, here are some general rates:

Proofreading: $30 per hour

Copyediting: $35 per hour

Again, these are flexible, depending on the nature of the copy. There is a one-hour minimum charge, and special rates will be considered for students.

If you would like a price quote on a job, please feel free to send me a few representative pages, let me know the total number of pages and I will work up a quote for you.

Turnaround varies according to client necessity and amount of copy. I will do my best to accommodate your schedule.


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  1. Mark Arament says:

    It’s a 118 pages long script. It’s been edited three times already but I need another pass so there are no mistakes.
    Turn-around three-to-five days. Next week. Let me know if you would be interested


    Maek Arament