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Back in the old days of graphics offices, typesetters had a tough job. Well, they still do, but the equipment was much clunkier back then. Factor in the stress of deadlines and other pressures, and it was no wonder that sometimes they got a little punchy. Sometimes, for a first pass on a job (the [...]

…but funny. And hey, regardless of whether or not it’s amusing, I get credit for spelling “sacrilegious” properly. This story dates back to around 1987, when I was working for a typesetting company as a full-time proofreader. Back in the Dark Ages before everyone had a computer, before desktop layout and publishing, companies used typesetters [...]

A snippet of an article from the Associated Press, 4/17: SYDNEY – An Australian publisher is reprinting 7,000 cookbooks over a recipe for pasta with “salt and freshly ground black people.” Penguin Group Australia’s head of publishing, Bob Sessions, acknowledged the proofreader for the Pasta Bible should have picked up the error, but called it [...]